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Rules of the bonus program

From October 1, 2022, our company introduces a bonus cashback program that depends on the client's monthly turnover:

$1000-4999 - 2,5% bonus
$5000-9999 - 5% bonus
$10000+ - 7,5% bonus

The percentage is reviewed at the beginning of each quarter. Cashback is credited to the client's personal internal balance from the 1st to the 5th day of each month.

Funds credited to the balance can be used to renew current services or order new ones, but cannot be withdrawn from the internal balance.

Orders with the applied promotional code are not taken into account in the calculation of the total turnover of the client.
The accrual of bonuses under the cashback program is only compatible with a discount for a long payment cycle for 3/6/12/24 months.


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Discounts for long-term projects

Long-term lease of a physical server has become cheaper! We give a discount of 2.5% to servers with a billing cycle of 6 months and a 5% discount to servers with a billing cycle for 12 months.

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Control panel for free

Each server comes with an ISPmanager 6 Lite control panel (market price — 7€ /mo). ISPmanager has all the features of cPanel and allows you to manage the server with a convenient web interface.

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Offer archive


New Year 2020 sale

20/12/2019 - 20/01/2020
Total sale of Unihost servers! A discount up to 25% for dedicated servers.


Black Friday 2019 sale

29/11/2019 - 20/12/2019
A discount 20% for any dedicated server. 50% Discount for premium server management.


New Year's Cashback 30%

25/12/2018 - 07/01/2019
Order a new server and make a payment. After that you must send a ticket with the subject #CASHBACK.


1 month of premium administration

25/12/2018 - 07/01/2019
Buy new or renew your server for the period from 3 months and get 1 month of premium administration.


Black Friday 2018 discounts

-$23 off for dedicated servers
23/11/2018 - 26/11/2018


Black Friday discounts

-$11 off for cheap servers with
23/11/2018 - 26/11/2018