Rent a HA-NAS storage

High availability network storage


Unihost recommends using only NAS storage for storing important information. The NAS is a Network Attached Storage that can be connected to several dedicated servers. The NAS works with NFS and CIFS protocols, which allow you to interact with servers running Linux/Unix and Windows. RAID technology, which is especially effective when working with a large array of disks and maximizes the security of information storage.

Storage of data that needs to be constantly available

The ideal solution for storing data that does not generate a large amount of traffic, but must be constantly available (legal documents, instructions, etc.)


Hot Backup Solution

High availability of the NAS service ensures that your data remains available at any time, which allows you to access (or redirect) files that are unavailable or corrupted elsewhere.


Storing the "static" data

Do you have a large amount of data that does not require regular changes? Then you can free up space in a high-performance infrastructure to prioritize data that is constantly updated, or requires processing power;


Single backup system

Do you have many servers or even infrastructures? Why buy backup space for each server or even servers to store backup? Unihost offers a solution to problems with backup storage. You can merge all the servers in France and Canada with NAS storage and create backups on it. Create partitions for each server or infrastructure. There are no restrictions on the number of partitions.


Rental prices for HA-NAS storage

To experience all the benefits of using a highly available NAS storage, you must have purchased at least one dedicated server in Canada or France.

Benefits of renting Unihost NAS storage


Fault tolerant drives

Each drive is meant for an Enterprise class HA-NAS. Installing it in the RAID10 HA-NAS with Hardware RAID provides the best security due to the data replication on the mirroring drive and high write/read speeds.


Custom partitioning

In order to isolate your projects, you can partition the storage and set the usage quotas for each partition.пространство NAS-хранилище.


Backup storage and snapshots

Snapshots are the momentary copies of the data on your partition. You can get access to the snapshots at any time and procure necessary data from any snapshot (i.e. one made an hour ago, 24 hours ago or 48 hours ago). The latest snapshot is always available to you. If you want to, we can transfer these snapshots to your HA-NAS, so that they will be available even after their original expiration date.


Connection and access

HA-NAS partitions are available only through the NFS or CIFS. We guarantee the complete security of your data, since only you can access your HA-NAS.


Fault proof control system

NAS storage is connected to two servers: a primary server and a backup server. If the primary server experiences a problem, it will immediately transfer HA-NAS to the secondary server, which will keep providing access to the storage via NFS and CIFS.


Unlimited number of sessions

NAS can serve any number of servers or users. The only limit is the storage size.