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  • Brilliant control panels for your server Enough console for today, okay?

    Because server management is much better and easier with control panel!

Hosting control panel

Unihost offers two of the most popular server control panels that will allow you to run and control your server's software with a click of a mouse. Use Apache, NGINX, MySQL, Exim, Postfix and many other necessary programs without a need for a console.

Unihost cooperates with leading manufacturers of control panels such as ISPsystem and cPanel/WHM.

ISPmanager Lite - the most commonly used web hosting control panel. Easy to install and has a friendly user interface.

cPanel - designed for mass virtual hosting and quite integrated with the system.

  Domain Cost per month
CPanel CPanel
15.39/mo Details
ISPmanager external ISPmanager external
4.01/mo Details