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  • Hands down best cPanel in the world The most famous, agile and powerful server control panel.

    Using cPanel is pure pleasure - ask millions of users around the globe!


Unihost is the official dealer of cPanel so you can purchase this server control panel from us at a greatly reduced price!

cPanel along with WebHost Manager (WHM) is complete and functional system of control panels. cPanel and WHM have intuitive and user-friendly web-based interface, which in turn makes the management of hosting straightforward.

Domain Period Cost per month
CPanel/WHM VPS Optimized 1 month
15.58/mo Order Now
CPanel/WHM VPS Optimized 12 months
163.18/yr Order Now
cPanel/WHM 1 month
28.66/mo Order Now
cPanel/WHM 12 months
335.38/yr Order Now
cPanel/WHM 24 months
671.58/biannually Order Now
cPanel/WHM 36 months
983.18/triannually Order Now

A single license can be installed on one server and used for unlimited number of domains. You can buy a license for the latest version of cPanel and WHM for physical servers and virtual dedicated servers.

cPanel/WHM package contains: cPanel (domains control panel), Webmail panel (panel for accessing mail through the web interface), WebHostManager (panel for server admin and reseller).

Save $10 on cPanel/WHM license with any dedicated server!

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cPanel screenshots
Control Panel -

Control Panel

Visual Editor -

Visual Editor

Process Management -

Process Management

Why do we recommend cPanel?
Increased security!

With cPanel/WHM you can set up traffic and disk space limits as well as permissions for each domain owner. You can also restrict access for certain applications, turn on or off the SSH access.

All processes are automated!

Using cPanel/WHM you can stop/restart/start services and processes with ease. You can 'assemble' web services in a specific format. Backup management is available for the whole server aswell as for each account.

Using cPanel is easy!

cPanel/WHM is really simple: you can start working with it right after getting access for it. Every action requires only few mouse clicks for it to be done. There are also tips for each function so you won't get stuck or confused.

Flexibility in everything!

Not only you can change the languages, but also a cPanel design! Make a few corrections in the CSS or simply change graphic elements: your individual cPanel style will accentuate your business potential.

Integrated with all apps!

cPanel/WHM supports and allows you to install different third-party applications, such as script library, language management or themes. You can also install additional modules: PEAR, Perl and RubyGems straight from the cPanel.