Cpanel/WHM account resource usage

Press “Usage of CPU and concurrent connections” item in the “Metrics” section. You will be taken to a page that includes the current consumption of resources, the report in the form of graphs and tabular report.

You may choose the period of statistics. There are two indexes of “Number of processes” in the table of the current usage

The number of processes with 20 limit (the first) it is the number of Entry Proccesses.
The number of processes with 100 limit (the second) it is the number of processes for the whole account, or Number of Proccesses Limit (nPROC).
In addition to these data you can select a time period and see the resource usage in the form of graphs.

Briefly about the limits:

    1. CPU Usage is the consumption amount of CPU time (100% – one CPU core);
    1. Virtual Memory Usage is the amount of virtual memory usage (the analog of the swap file);
    1. Physical Memory Usage is the amount of physical memory (RAM);
    1. Input/Output Usage is the speed of the hard drive reading and writing (for your account);
    1. Entry Proccesses is the number of web server processes that are used (php, CGI, Fast-CGI);
    1. Processes the total number of usage processes for the entire account;
  1. Faults – faults for each of the available limits. They usually occur when you exceed resources, in such situations the following processes are not performed.

You can also view the table report.

Cpanel/WHM account resource usage


  • a – average usage;
  • m – the maximum value;
  • l – limit
  • with f letter at the end (the last 4 columns) – faults at each limit.