SSL (secure sockets layer) is a cryptographic protocol that provides more secure connection.

Press “SSL\TLS” in “Security” section.


Press “Generate, view, upload, or delete SSL certificates.”.


In “Upload a new certificate ” section (“Type certificate in the text field:”) type certificate code or choose the certificate file in “Choose certificate file (*.crt).” subsection, press “Choose file” section.

Be attentive! When you copy a certificate, do not forget about the first (BEGIN) and the last (END) lines.


Press “Save certificate” or “Upload certificate ” depending on the way of uploading.

Press  “Return to SSL Manager” at the end of every page.



Press “Website manage with SSL” at “SSL\TLS” page.


Choose the domain from the domain drop-list.


The system should automatically substitute the certificate and private key in the “Certificate: (CRT) and Private key (KEY)” field.

In “Package CA: (CABUNDLE)” section you have to add .bundle file. If you do not have the .bundle file, add COMODORSADomainValidationSecureServerCA.crt, COMODORSAAddTrustCA.crt and AddTrustExternalCARoot.crt files in the order they appear (actual for Comodo certificate).

Press “Install  Certificate” button.


The certificate will be installed and the website will work with SSL.