WEB redirect

Go to “Web Redirect” section on the cPanel homepage.

Web redirect

Fill in the description of the web redirect:

Web редирект: как создатьu

How to fill in the fields:

  1. Type – redirection code that will be saved in http title when getting answer from web server. 301 is the code of the constant redirect, 302 is the code of the temporary redirect.
  2. http://(www.)? you have to select the website for redirect (from). If you choose “All available domains”, then redirect will be applied to all the existed websites.
  3. / (must be filled in) is the path relative to the root website directory for which you want to create a redirection. For example, domain.com/test/url means that the redirection will be performed only when the link is clicked on http(s)://domain.com/test/url
  4. Redirect to is an url address for redirection. For example, http(s)://domain2.com/destanation. When a user goes to http://domain.com/test/url web server will redirect the request to http(s)://domain2.com/destanation.
  5. www redirect -www is a subdomain for a website so there is a special rule for www redirect. You may set the redirection for the main website and for www. For example, if you select “Redirect with or without www” the redirection will be done for http(s)://domain.com/ and http(s)://www.domain.com/
  6. Group redirection: if you select this parameter all the files in the directory will be redirected to one file in the directory of redirection. It means that redirection will be done for all addresses from your website. This option ignores url for redirect (№3).

When you fill in all the fields correctly press “Add” button.

All the existent redirects you may see at the end of the webpage, but it is impossible to edit them.

Web redirect: how to setup