Today we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular and inexpensive SSL certificates from Comodo and RapidSSL companies.

SSL certificates RapidSSL and Comodo Positive SSL are very popular among website owners. The reason is simple – the procedure of obtaining them is quickly and does not require providing any documents. All that is needed is just to link and confirm the certificate order.

Compare these certificates easily:

FeaturesRapidSSLComodo Positive SSL
Validation level
Only a domain nameOnly a domain name
Supports links with www.YesYes
Supports subdomainsNoNo
Delivered in:5-10 minutes5-10 minutes
Reissue:Unlimited during validity periodUnlimited during validity period
Browser compatibility99.3%99.3%
Guarantee10 000$10 000$
Key size2048-bits2048-bits
Security logoYesYes
Browser green barNoNo

As you can see from the comparative table, the main features of these certificates are identical. Both are compatible with almost all browsers, protected from hacking attacks with 2048-bits key, the certificate suppliers provide a financial guarantee in the case that the visitor would suffer from malicious actions (eg., his personal information is stolen).

Despite the similarities, RapidSSL and Comodo Positive SSL have some differences.

For websites focused on “mobile” format, Comodo Positive SSL is not the best solution. The visitors of the website may rarely have problems with the display of the website, because this type of SSL is hardly compatible with mobile devices. At the same time almost all modern popular browsers for mobile devices have pre-installed root certificate RapidSSL.

In addition, the RapidSSL certificate is perfect for small commercial projects with restrictions on conducting financial transactions.

Positive SSL from Comodo is a quick and simple solution for secure connection to the website, it will increase the website reputation among the Internet users. First of all we are talking about recently created websites (so-called “start-up”) and small webprojets that require user registration.

In conclusion, we add that both companies are among the leading suppliers of SSL certificates and offer products with an optimal ratio “price-quality”, only slightly differing in technical features.

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