To install CMS DLE (Datalife Engine) on web hosting you need to add a domain to ISPmanager 5 panel. If the domain has already been added to the section “Domain names”, then proceed to step 2.

Step 1. Domain adding

Go to “WWW-domains” menu and press “Add” button.


Enter your domain name in the field «Domain name» andpress “ОK” button.


Step 2. Database creation

You need a database to work with Datalife Engine. To create it go to “Instruments” – “Database” and press “Create a database” button.


Enter a name of the database using Latin alphabet, specify the encoding of the database (most often it is cp1251 or utf8), enter the username and password using Latin alphabet. To create the password you can use “Password Generator”. 1488117717337 Save Your password!


Step 3. Upload of installation files

To purchase Datalife Engine script see the official website: Download distribution and go to “Instruments” – “File manager” in the web hosting control panel:


Go to www/your_domain_name directory (e.g., www/

Click “Upload file to current folder”Download ISPmanager.

Select the distribution file and click “OK”:


Select the downloaded archive and press “Extract the archive to the current directory”Установка Datalife Engine на хостинг .

A folder with CMS Datalife Engine will be created in the current directory. Go to “DLE” folder – “Upload” and copy all the files to the current domain directory. Check your permission, it must be 777 for the folders and 644 – for the files.

Step 4.Installation.

Open your website http://your_domain_name in the browser to run DLE installation.


Press “Start installation” button, put a check mark “I accept terms of service” and press “Next”.


Make sure that all items meet the minimum requirements and click “Next”:


In “Database Configuration” enter “Database Username”, “Password for a Database” and “Database Name” (you specified them in step 2) and click “Next”.


DLE is installed now. Do not forget to delete install.php file.


If you need help on the administrative server, you can order the Server Administration service from Unihost