After installing WordPress on hosting there could appear an error with mail sending. As usual, this error is the following:

The message was not sent. Possible reason: the server doesn't support function mail ().

To make this function operative you should write in correct settings of mail sending in WP:

/wp-includes/pluggable.php in function wp_mail(), /wp-includes/class-phpmailer.php, function send().

In case if mail is directed correctly and is not sent all the same, you should turn in the plugin WP-phpmailer and point “use build-in WP function” in settings.

Also, you might use the plugin “MAIL FROM” as mail notification settings.

MAIL FROM – is a plugin for mail personification. The field “from whom” will be filled in with your blog’s e-mail or tag. Install the plugin, find inset Mail Fromin “Parameters”, and if necessary change the content in the fields.

Plugin installation:

  1. You should move to Plugins and choose Add new.

  2. Choose the “Word” in search, write Mail From and press the button Plugin Search.

  3. On the left side, under the Name you will see the plugin Mail From. You should press the button Install, and the plugin will be automatically installed.

  4. Then activate it by the button Activate.

Congratulations, WordPress Email settings are changed now!