Forex VPS plans

Select the ideal solution tailored to your budget and requirements. Our Forex VPS offers premium quality, benefits from 100% uptime, optimization for MT4/MT5, and ultra-low latency for seamless trading.


Offer from Unihost

  • NEW
    FX Standart
    Payment Methods
    • 2 vCPU
    • RAM: 4 GB
    • Disk: 80 GB NVMe
    • Bandwidth: 500 Mbps / Unlimited
    • Locations: Singapore, Sydney, London
    • Windows OS incuded
    • Run up to 4 MT4/MT5
    • Dedicated IP Address
  • NEW
    FX Advanced
    Payment Methods
    • 4 vCPU
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Disk: 160 GB NVMe
    • Bandwidth: 1 Gbps / Unlimited
    • Locations: Singapore, Sydney, London
    • Windows OS incuded
    • Run up to 4 MT4/MT5
    • Dedicated IP Address
  • NEW
    FX Pro
    Payment Methods
    • 8 vCPU
    • RAM: 8 GB up to 32 GB
    • Disk: 160 GB Up to 640 GB NVMe
    • Bandwidth: 2 Gbps / Unlimited
    • Locations: Singapore, Sydney, London
    • Windows OS incuded
    • Run up to 4 MT4/MT5
    • Dedicated IP Address
  • NEW
    FX Dedicated
    Payment Methods
    • Xeon E-2388G
    • RAM: 32 GB Up to 128 GB DDR4 ECC
    • Disks: 2x 512 GB NVMe Customize
    • Bandwidth: 1 Gbps 25 TB
    • Locations: Singapore, Sydney
    • Windows OS incuded
    • Run up to 4 MT4/MT5
    • Dedicated IP Address
    • For complex, intensive trading strategies

Feel free to contact us via chat, email, or any other channel convenient for you to find out about all available locations and VPS configurations and check latency time to your forex broker.

Benefits of having a Forex VPS

  • Any Trading Platform
  • Any Broker
  • Any EA
  • Automatic Backups
  • Low latency time
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Convenient payment methods

Why traders choose Unihost Forex VPS

Working with Unihost, you get easy server setup, availability (24/7 chat, tickets, Telegram), dedicated manager, qualified round-the-clock technical support, and a wide range of payment methods.


Benefits of having a Forex VPS

  1. Reduced latency - Nearby VPS hosting cuts latency, ensuring quick trade execution and minimizing slippage. This leads to higher profits and better overall returns.
  2. 24/7 accessibility - Forex VPS allows traders to automate strategies and seize market opportunities round the clock, maximizing profit potential.
  3. Reliability and stability - Forex VPS services offer reliable, stable platforms, ensuring uninterrupted trading even during volatile market conditions.
  4. Cost-effectiveness - While initially seen as an extra expense, Forex VPS proves cost-efficient in the long run by preventing missed opportunities and minimizing risks, outweighing subscription costs.

Why brokers choose Unihost

Today, more than ever, it is important to be at the forefront of technology, providing the best possible service, and maintaining a strong competitive advantage in the market. Here's why you need our Forex VPS:

  • VPS will strengthen your product and give you a competitive advantage over your competitors
    Increase in the number of traders due to 100% uptime of our VPS
  • Almost 100% continuity of trading sessions guarantees a higher number of trades, which means an increase in your commission
  • Qualified round-the-clock technical support ensure a seamless user experience for your traders
  • We can cooperate on a “white label” basis or in any other form convenient for you


  • Understanding Trading VPS Services

    A Trading VPS is akin to leasing a specialized computer tailored to maintain continuous trading operations seamlessly. Unlike a standard home computer, it resides within a secure environment known as a data center. This setup guarantees uninterrupted trading activity with its high-speed internet connection and immunity to power outages. Your trading platform remains active regardless of local electricity or internet disruptions.

  • Advantages of Utilizing a Trading VPS

    Always Online: A Trading VPS ensures your trading activities continue seamlessly, even if you shut down your computer or face internet disruptions.
    Quick and Efficient: Situated in data centers, Trading VPS servers offer swift internet connectivity and robust hardware, enabling faster trade executions compared to home computers.
    Safe and Secure: Your trading platform and strategies are stored securely in the data center, reducing the risk of computer viruses or data theft.
    Scalability: Starting with your essential requirements, you can effortlessly scale up resources, such as storage space, as your trading activities expand, without the need to invest in a new computer.

  • Enhancing Trade Speed with a VPS

    Improving Trade Speed: Speed is paramount in trading, and a VPS acts as a fast lane amidst traffic congestion. By hosting your trading applications near financial markets, it minimizes order execution time. This is particularly advantageous for automated trading systems, where swift execution can yield more favorable outcomes.

  • Enhanced Security for Trading Applications with a VPS

    Ensuring Security: Absolutely. A VPS provides enhanced security beyond basic data protection. By hosting your trading platforms on a remote server, you access a secure environment shielded against cyber threats and hardware failures.

  • The Importance of Accessibility with a Trading VPS

    Key Benefit: Accessibility is paramount when using a trading VPS. With a VPS, your trading platform is continuously available and accessible, regardless of your location or device. It’s akin to having your trading desk at your fingertips. Even if your local machine restarts or your internet connection falters, your trading activities continue seamlessly on the VPS.

  • What documents are needed to order a Forex VPS?

    You do not need documents to order a server. But If the order is created using VPN or the profile data is incomplete or incorrect, you will need to verify your account.

  • What is the minimal billing period?

    One month. We also offer billing periods of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. If you require a different billing cycle — for example, 2 or 5 months — you will have to contact the sales department to review your case.
    For some configurations, there is an option to order a server for a week.

  • Are your VPS limited in any way?

    There are no limitations. You can use the server for any number of websites, e-mails, domains etc. We provide complete access to the server at the root level.

  • How do you issue the invoice?

    Invoices on the service renewal are issued automatically with an email notification. Invoices are issued based on the billing cycle.

    Billing cycle
    Date of the invoice issue

    • 1 month – 14 days before the due date
    • 3 months – 21 days before the due date
    • 6 months -30 days before the due date
    • 12+ months – 60 days before the due date

    You can also generate an invoice yourself in Unihost Client Area, under the Product Management tab. There you can also change your billing cycle, provided that there are no unpaid invoices for this service. If there are any, you need to pay them first (or ask our support to cancel them) and then generate a new invoice with an updated billing cycle.

  • What are my obligations when I buy?

    Follow the Unihost Service Rules. We do not conclude a contract for the obligatory use of the service for a certain time and you can terminate the public offer of Unihost at any time.

  • What kind of support do you offer?

    Unihost tech support:

    • Makes sure that all servers operate 24/7 in a stable manner under any circumstance.
    • Under Basic server management, provides you with 1 ticket per month that can be used to set up/install/manage any software on your server.
    • Under Premium server management, provides you with 3 tickets per month.

    Check the Server management page for more details.

  • How fast does the Unihost support respond?

    We answer in chat in 30 seconds or less. The review of your issue may take up to 20 minutes, while the solution may take up to 8 hours, depending on the severity of the problem and the number of issues our team is solving at the moment. Issues from customers with Premium server management are given priority in such cases.

  • Do you have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes, we guarantee 99.9% uptime. For more details, look at the Service Level Agreement.

  • Do you offer server monitoring?

    We do not offer server monitoring under the basic server management, but it is available as a separate level of server management.

  • Do you set up the server OS?

    Under Basic server management, we only set up some modules in the Linux OS. If you run Windows, you’ll have to set it up on your own. For more information, check out the Server management page.

  • How private is my information?

    We do not review any information on the customers’ servers unless it is necessary to solve a support ticket. For more information, check out the Unihost privacy policy.

  • Can I transfer my data to a different company?

    Yes, of course. We do not limit any data transfer and offer you a root-level access to the server.

  • Can I run torrent or OpenVPN?

    We allow usage of OpenVPN and torrent on the Unihost servers. If you still have doubts, please contact us in chat.
    We do not allow:
    phishing websites;
    Warez, backdoor, crack and other websites that break the Unihost Terms of Service.

  • Can I use your servers to store and distribute adult content?

    Yes, as long as you do not distribute or advertise adult on the child-, zoo- and rape subjects, as well as content that you do not have rights for. If your server is located in Germany, you will also have to block access to the server for all German IPs, preferably — using iptables.

  • What if my server is constantly attacked via DDoS?

    We use professional DDoS protection, so we do not worry much about DDoS. If your business is constantly attacked by the competition, we can provide you with additional protection.

  • How do you respond to abuses?

    We give you 12 hours to solve the issue that leads to the abuse. If you get more than 3 abuses of the same kind, or if you refuse to solve the issue, your account and all services will be blocked.

  • will be blocked. What will happen if I do a chargeback or start a PayPal dispute?

    According to the Unihost public offer, your account will be blocked, and all of its data will be deleted. The customer that made the chargeback will be added to the international FraudRecord list.