The cPanel control panel has a user-friendly interface that will simplify the work with your web hosting account. For convenience you can set the language of your panel. Select your account in the upper part of the control panel

CPanel setup

CPanel setup

You will see “Change language” menu.

CPanel setup

Select the language you prefer. We select English:

Language setup (cPanel)

You may change the theme also:

CPanel setup

In this tab you will be able to choose the theme:


You may choose the theme in the left part of the control panel also.

To change the private information in your web hosting account go to “Contacts” section:

Language setup (cPanel)

You will see another window:

Contacts setup (cPanel)

You may specify all the necessary parameters in this section.

To secure your web hosting account you may change the password:

cPanel setup

You may set a new password in this tab:

Password setup (cPanel)

You will also get information about your web hosting account protection.