Terms of Service

1. Unihost.com is a website operated by Unihost Incorporation (“we”, “us” or “our”). We are registered in Seychelles under company number 134653 and we have our registered office at Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound & Vision House, Francis Rachel Str., Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.

The provision of Unihost.com services (hereinafter the Contractor) is carried out on the basis of the following conditions:

1.1. In addition to the rules described in the Public Offer paragraph 3.2.3., the allocated (physical) and virtual (VPS/VDS) servers of the Contractor are also prohibited from allocating resources of the following type:

• Warez, backdoor, crack resources;

• phishing sites (clones of sites);

• resources that store, distribute or advertise adult content on a child, zoo or rape theme;

• programs for the selection of passwords (bruteforce);

• Tor networks;

• scripts for sending spam;

• CVV-code databases;

• viruses of any type and any other malicious software;


Also on a dedicated (physical) server, it is forbidden to use software to perform DoS / DDoS attacks and any other activity that could harm Internet users. Where the Customer uses proven spamming techniques on the internet, this shall result in the cessation of the Services and termination of this Contract without prior notice. The Customer is also prohibited from any intrusive activity or any intrusion attempt from the Instance (including, but not limited to: port scans, sniffing, spoofing), and any activity or contentious behavior such as traffic exchanging (Hitleap, Jingling), Black Hat SEO (downloading and uploading videos from and to online gaming platforms), crypto-currency mining, video game bots, etc. In such events, the Contractor reserves the right to suspend the Service and immediately terminate the Contract, without prejudice to the right to all damages that the Customer may claim.

2. ABUSE (Abuses, complaints)

2.1. In case of receiving complaints (abuse) on the dedicated (physical) server of the Customer, the Contractor gives time to resolve this complaint, as a rule, 12 hours.

2.2. The Contractor has the right to immediately block the ports, outgoing traffic or IP address of the server without notification to the Customer for the immediate termination of the actions that caused the abuse.

2.3. In the event if 3 similar abuses are received within one month for one of the services ordered by the Customer, access to the services will be completely blocked and / or the data stored on the account will be deleted without additional notification.

2.4. The list of possible complaints (abuse), actions on the part of the Contractor and the obligations of the Customer is provided by the Document.

3. Spam (Spam)

3.1. The customer is informed and understands that for the organization of bulk mailings using the Contractor’s Services, he must confirm the legality of the origin of the list of recipients.

3.1.1. The Contractor recommends the Customer to learn the instructions on how to create DKIM, SPF, DMARC and also instruct him to check his mailing to the scoring points account (usually an EFA filter blocks emails that received a spam score of 5 or higher).

3.2. In case of registration of the fact of spam distribution from the Customer’s resource, using the Contractor’s Services, the Contractor has the right to immediately block the ports responsible for sending mail or the IP address with which the sending of spam is fixed, without prior notice to the Customer.

3.3. Detailed information and required actions in case of spam mailings are listed in the Document.

4. Conditions for storing data and backups

4.1. The Customer is informed that after the end date of the leased dedicated (physical) server or VDS/VPS, access to it is blocked. After locking, the data is guaranteed to be stored on the server for a limited time: for servers in Germany – 1 day, in any other available location – 3 days. At the end of this period, all information from the server will be permanently deleted. Such data includes: all information on the disk subsystem of the Customer’s server, as well as all information on the backup storage that was purchased as an extension to the dedicated server.

4.1.1. If the NAS-storage is purchased as an addition to the server, the Customer has the right to pay for it as a separate service. The Customer is obliged to inform the Execution in the ticked system that he wishes to pay for this option separately, thereby leaving the data on it in case of the removal of the main services.

4.1.2. The customer is informed that access to the backup storage is carried out only from the server to which it is attached as an additional option.

4.2. The customer was informed and understands that the use of dedicated servers without RAID disk subsystems (with information mirroring) is fraught with loss of data on the server as a result of a failure of the main hard drive or solid state drive (SSD). The Contractor does not bear any responsibility for the loss of the Customer’s data and does not make compensations for any direct or indirect losses of the Customer or third parties in case of such refusal.

4.3. The customer agrees that without the ordering of an additional service of setting up standby dedicated (physical) servers or VDS/VPS, full backup copies of data with its dedicated server will not be created. Without backups or “snapshots” of the server, if you change / delete any data or the server itself, this data will not be recoverable.

5. Replacement of hardware components

5.1. The customer understands and agrees that only he is responsible for controlling the correct operation of hardware components on a dedicated (physical) server. In the event that problems are detected on the server, the Customer must notify the Contractor’s technical service (via the ticketing system) to check / replace the hardware components, and provide access credentials from this server for verification.

5.1.1. In the case of detection of implicit hardware problems on the server side, the Contractor reserves the right to check the equipment, which may require the server to be restarted, having specified the time of technical maintenance convenient for him. Duration of testing of hardware components of the server can take up to 12 hours (for disk subsystems).

5.2. The Service of technical support of the Contractor undertakes to replace the failed components on the dedicated (physical) server of the Customer for working hours similar to that agreed upon with the Customer. All costs associated with the replacement of equipment are assumed by the Contractor.

5.3. The customer has the right to demand to replace any components on a dedicated (physical) server with similar new ones without performing additional checks at any time convenient to both parties. Replacement of components in this case is a paid service. The cost of works will be reported to the Customer in response to his request in the ticket system to the technical service of the Contractor.

5.4. The Customer may ask the Contractor to monitor the correct operation of the server within the server administration Premium Package of the dedicated server. In this case, upon detection and confirmation of hardware problems on the Customer’s server, the Contractor’s technical specialists will coordinate with Customer (if the problem does not require immediate intervention) and indicate the time and duration of work on the server.

6. Additional Terms

6.1. Technical Support Service of the Contractor is not obliged to provide consulting on programming, web design, customization of scripts and programs of the Customer, and other similar issues. Such consultations can be provided on an additional basis (as part of a premium administration incident) or as an initiative of a specific employee.

6.2. The customer understands and agrees that he should use the Windows software strictly complying Microsoft License Terms. By accepting this agreement or using the software, you agree to all of these terms and consent to the transmission of certain information during activation and during your use of the software as per the privacy statement described in Section 3. If you do not accept and comply with these terms, you may not use the software or its features.

6.3. For accepting payment via credit cards could be used a payment agent: INTERRAY LTD, а company incorporated under the Laws of England and Wales, company registration number – 12729165, with its registration address at Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX.