Rent a server with a GPU


GPU servers come equipped with graphics processing power to execute an intensive task. Due to their design, they are unrivaled at parallel task processing.

CPU itself is much more efficient when it comes to parallel execution, compared to a conventional CPU. This was caused by optimization to graphical computation like OpenGL and Direct3D, but then was adapted into programming languages like CUDA and OpenCL. That's why a lot of applications that run parallel tasks (image processing, video encoding/decoding, some BigData operations) call for a powerful GPU.

Prices for servers with GPU from Unihost

  • Germany
    1762.93 $ Price for 12 months
    • RAM: 64 GB DDR4
    • Disks: 2x 500 GB SATA SSD
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 8 GB
    • Bandwidth: 1 Gbps Unlimited
    • Without setup fee
  • Sold out
    1743.85 $ Price for 12 months
    • RAM: 32 GB DDR4
    • Disks: 2x 480 GB SSD
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 8 GB
    • Traffic: 1 Gbps / 5 TB mo.*
    • Without setup fee
  • Sold out
    2487.72 $ Price for 12 months
    • RAM: 64 GB DDR4
    • Disks: 2x 1 TB NVMe
    • GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 8 GB
    • Bandwidth: 1 Gbps / 5TB mo.*
    • Without setup fee
  • SB112
  • CPU
    • Model

      Core i7-7700 Kaby Lake

      Intel Core i7-8700

      Intel Core i9-10900K

    • Cores / Threads

      4 / 8

      6 / 12

      10 / 20

    • Processor Frequency (Base / Max )

      3,60 GHz / 4,20 GHz

      3,20 GHz / 4,60 GHz

      3,70 GHz / 5,30 GHz

  • RAM
    • RAM Size

      64 GB

      32 GB

      64 GB

    • Ability to upgrade

    • RAM frequency

      2133 MHz

      2666 MHz

      2933 MHz

    • Memory type




  • HDD
    • Preset Drives

      2x 512 GB SSD SoftRAID

      2x 480 GB SSD SoftRAID

      2x 1 TB NVMe SoftRAID

    • Additional drives

      2 slots available

    • Variants of disks

  • GPU
    • Model

      Geforce GTX 1080

      Geforce GTX 1080

      Geforce GTX 1080

    • Ability to upgrade




    • Video memory capacity

      8 GB

      8 GB

      8 GB

    • Memory type




    • Memory bus width




    • Maximum memory bandwidth

      320 GB / sec

      320 GB / sec

      320 GB / sec

    • Number of video chips




    • The frequency of the video chip (Basic / Maximum)

      1607 MHz / 1847 MHz

      1607 MHz / 1847 MHz

      1607 MHz / 1847 MHz


A dedicated server with a GPU is perfect for post-processing videos, images or 3D models. Tracing each beam of light in a scene with a CPU takes an unacceptably long time, but with a GPU it can be done in minutes. The task of rendering complex scenes is quite resource-intensive and it is very difficult and time-consuming to do this even on the most modern home computer. Our servers are equipped with several Nvidia graphics cards, so that parallelization and execution on multiple video streams can significantly reduce the creation time of videos.


Processing large amounts of data

Many people think that data processing requires a powerful CPU, a good Internet channel and an array of a large number of disks. In general, that’s correct, but many forget that the GPU has more arithmetic-logical modules than a CPU. This allows you to perform a larger number of parallel tasks (which is common in Big Data) much faster. In recent years, GPUs are increasingly used to train neural networks, as a sub-option for working with Big Data.


Image editing and 3D modelling

Terminal servers and thin clients have long been popular because they are easy to maintain and independent from the customers’ machines. But recently the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has pushed them to the forefront. It provides each customer with a virtual machine and all the necessary software. If a lot of employees in your enterprise work with unwieldy graphical processor, transferring them to the VDI might prove more economical than maintaining a large number of powerful PCs



Lately there is a new cryptocurrency appearing on the market each year. Its constant growth and creation of new stable currencies prove that the crypto fever will only go on. Everyone wants a piece of that pie and the only thing they need for this are resources to process the crypto cache. Unihost provides servers with some of the most powerful GPUs — nVidia Tesla and GTX 1080 Ti, which are perfect for mining crypto.



Renting a GPU server is a perfect solution for streaming a real-time video. From small online conferences to streaming game and sports events with thousands of simultaneous connections — our servers can do everything!


Included in all packages

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Basic Administration Pack
  • IPMI / KVM-over-IP without restrictions
  • Virtual local network vRack
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Help when migrating to our servers
  • Reboot the remote server
  • Full access to the server at the BIOS level
  • Access to the server in Rescue mode

Software available for automatic installation on servers



  • Arch Linux latest
  • CentOS (6; 7; 8)
  • Cloud Linux 7
  • Debian (8; 9; 10)
  • Fedora latest
  • FreeBSD 11 ZFSroot
  • Gentoo latest
  • OpenSUSE latest
  • Ubuntu (16; 18; 19)
  • Xubuntu Desktop 16.04

Microsoft Windows distribution

  • Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition
  • Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Edition
  • Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition

OS + Control Panel


  • Cpanel
  • ISPmanager(Lite/Business)
  • Linux Plesk
  • DirectAdmin

Debian / Ubuntu :

  • ISPconfig3
  • Linux Plesk
  • ISPmanager(Lite/Business)


  • Citrix Xen Server 7.4
  • CoreOS latest
  • Proxmox VE 5
  • Proxmox VE 5 ZFS
  • Proxmox VE 6
  • SolusVM Master
  • SolusVM Slave
  • VMware ESXi 6.*
  • Windows Hyper-V Server 2016/2019

The software mentioned above may be selected by you while configuring server order. Upon completion of the installation and activation, you will get access to the server on your email with the operating system already installed on it.
If this software is not suitable for you, you can install any own software by using our administrators or by yourself through your personal account or IP-KVM access.

Advantages of renting a dedicated server from Unihost


The most powerful GPUs

Video cards Nvidia provides the application of virtualized infrastructures and features graphics acceleration to meet the requirements of advanced users (designers, graphic designers, engineers). This adds flexibility to the virtual desktop (VDI), as well as the graphics optimization required for running 3D applications (DirectX / OpenGL).


Hardware in the European data centers

All servers are located in the best data centers in Europe, equipped by the Tier IV standard. We use only the hardware by leading brands: Dell, Intel, Nvidia. All data centers have backup power sources, auxiliary power lines and diesel generators in case of force majeure. The technical support team employs only certified professionals. You can be sure that your servers will work 24/7.


Remote control via IPMI and iDrac

This option allows you to monitor the server, restore the control functions, log all the data independently from BIOS and OS. You can use this platform even if the server itself is down.


Server location choice

We have taken care of the geolocation of you and your customers. Choose available locations: France or Netherlands to provide minimal latency for your customers. All servers are connected to the main European bandwidth channels and have direct access to the USA, the CIS countries and Ukraine.


Free server management and tech support

Our support team is online and available round-the-clock. Write a ticket, give us a call or hit us up in chat with any question you have and we will help you. Each client has access to the Basic server management, while more complicated tasks and 24/7 monitoring will require Premium management packages.


DDoS protection at the datacenter level

All servers in France have datacenter-level protection from DDoS attacks up to L7. Hackers and malicious competition will not be able to harm you due to our 3-tier protection system. We analyze all traffic, filter out the malicious packages and ban the IPs that send them. You will always be online due to our traffic filters and firewalls.


Painless project transfer

Our team will gladly help you transfer your project to the Unihost server with the installation and setup of all necessary software. You only have to write an email to [email protected] and give us the data necessary to access the server, as well as a detailed task description that includes an OS, software and additional modules your project needs.


Extensive upgrade options

Even after you have ordered your server in the Netherlands, you can upgrade the RAM, HDD and the bandwidth channel (up to 10 Gbit/s). Just hit us up in the chat or create a ticket, we’ll get back to you with pricing.


Free private network

All GPU-equipped servers have a capacity to combine into a single ecosystem. Unihost provides you with a 40 Gbit/s channel for your private network in Netherlands and a 10 Gbit/s channel in France. Private network is isolated on the hardware level, which provides you with reliable security and high speed.


Cloud integration

Dedicated servers can be combined in a single ecosystem that can always be turned into a hybrid infrastructure. You can create a cluster of several servers and make it a cloud for your project.


Additional IP addresses

For an additional fee, you can purchase up to 64 single IPv4 addresses or a whole subnet for your server in the Netherlands (monthly payment) or 256 IPv4 on servers in France (one-time payment).
You can order additional IP addresses or subnets during the server order or after installation, by writing a request to our support team.


Eco-friendly data centers

Servers use both liquid and air conditioning without chemicals, which allows us to drop the cost of server maintenance and save the environment from unnecessary pollution.

Discounts and promo offers for Unihost servers


Control panel for free

To each server give the control panel ISPmanager 5 Lite (the usual price is $ 3 per month). ISPmanager - a full analog cPanel and allows you to manage the server without a console, through a convenient web interface.


Loyalty program

Long-term lease of a physical server has become cheaper! We give a 2.5% discount on servers with a billing cycle of 6 months and a 5% discount on servers with a billing cycle for 12 months.

Dedicated GPU servers with video card


  • Which control panels are available?

    Each server comes with an ISPmanager 5 Lite control panel. If you wish to use any other panel, you may take your pick from cPanel, Plesk, ISPconfig, OwnCloud or Minecraft Game Server. Check out the detailed list in the server’s cart or contact our support team.

  • What software can be installed on the server?

    By default, we offer a dozen Linux distributions, Windows Server, several dedicated control panels and some other software. You can pick it either in the cart during the purchase or in the Unihost Client Area. You can also install any software you want, except for any that may harm the server itself or other Unihost servers.

  • Do you allow OpenVPN?

    Yes, we allow OpenVPN on our servers.

  • Do you provide IPv6?

    Yes, you can order both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

  • What is RAID?

    RAID is a technology that allows you to combine the storage drives into a single array, which helps to prevent data loss if one of the drives gets broken. RAID comes in various kinds:

    • RAID 0, used to combine two or more drives in a single array. More common in personal data storage, rarely used in business due to instabilities and proneness to failure.
    • RAID 1, a.k.a. mirroring. The second drive becomes a carbon copy of the first one. If any of them fails, all the data can still be restored from the other one.
    • RAID 10 (or RAID 0+1) is a combination of two RAID 0 arrays into a RAID 1 array. You basically get a combined array of two drives, as well as its backup copy.
  • What is the difference between Software RAID and Hardware RAID?

    Software RAID means that the repartitioning will happen at the OS level, while Hardware RAID repartitions the drives before the OS is even loaded. The latter is more reliable and fast since the server doesn’t have to waste resources to manage the RAID structure. Besides, Hardware RAID is the only option that can survive the OS reinstallation.

  • What is Hybrid SoftRAID?

    Hybrid SoftRAID is a combination of HDD and SSD in a RAID array. It is faster than a pure HDD array but falls short of the performance provided by the pure SSD storage.

  • What should I do if the server does not respond?

    You can reboot it from the Client Area. While there, you can also check the server’s stats and reinstall the OS. If for whatever reason you can’t do this, contact the Unihost support.

  • Can I get a physical access to the server?

    No. Unihost dedicated servers are located in secure facilities and we cannot grant free access to the servers due to the possible risks. Only people who have direct access to the servers are our certified employees tasked with maintenance, and even their access level depends on the tasks at hand.

  • Can I send my equipment to your data center?

    Usually, you can’t. We can transfer the storage drives with the data you need if the upload takes too long, but direct colocation is not a service we generally provide. You can, however, discuss it with our support, and we may consider your case an exception.

  • If the hardware of my server goes down, who will be held responsible?

    All our hardware is routinely tested. If any component fails, we will replace it with an identical one, covering all bills.

  • Can I upgrade my server?

    Not all configurations support a direct upgrade, but some line-ups, i.e. PowerEdge do. You can get more details by asking our support team.

  • Can I order additional IPs?

    In France, Canada and Poland you can order up to 256 IPs per server, with a maximum amount of subnetworks being 64. The payment is single-time, there will be no monthly bills.
    In Germany you can order up to 37 IPs per server (a subnetwork of 32 IPs with a /27 mask, 6 subnetworks of 1 IP each and a single dedicated IP). There is an installation fee, as well as a monthly payment. If you need more IPs in Germany, you’d have to purchase an IP pool.
    In Ukraine you can order up to 11 IPs per server (10 IPs in a subnetwork with a /28 mask and a single dedicated IP). There is both an installation fee and a monthly payment. There is no option to purchase an IP pool in Ukraine.
    In Russia and Netherlands up to 64 IP addresses are available for ordering. Payment for these IP addresses is made monthly.
    You can learn more about the pricing on additional IPs for the servers in the Client Area or during the purchase procedure.

  • How to set up IPMI/KVM-over-IP?

    IPMI is set up by default on servers in Canada, France, and Poland. You can find a button that enables the mode in the Client Area. On the German servers, IPMI must be enabled via this manual.

  • How to set up Reverse DNS?

    The easiest way is to write to [email protected] from the email you used to create the Unihost account and ask which IP should be added to which domain.

  • How long does the installation and provision of the server take?

    It depends on the location of the server:
    France, Canada, Poland, Russia and Netherlands — up to 12 hours.
    Germany — 1 business day for standard configurations. If the server configuration is non-standard, we may need up to 5 business days to provide it.
    Ukraine — from 1 to 5 business days.
    If you have not gone through the full account verification, we will postpone the provisioning until you complete the procedure.

  • What documents are needed to order a dedicated server?

    You do not need documents to order a server. But if you intend to pay with a card or Paypal for the first time at Unihost, you need to go through a full account verification, which requires a passport or any other government-issued ID.

  • What is the minimal billing period?

    One month. We also offer billing periods of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. If you require a different billing cycle — for example, 2 or 5 months — you will have to contact the sales department to review your case.
    For some configurations, there is an option to order a server for a week.

  • Are your dedicated servers limited in any way?

    There are no limitations. You can use the server for any number of websites, e-mails, domains etc. We provide complete access to the server at the root level.

  • How do you issue the invoice?

    Invoices on the service renewal are issued automatically with an email notification. Invoices are issued based on the billing cycle.

    Billing cycle
    Date of the invoice issue

    • 1 month – 14 days before the due date
    • 3 months – 21 days before the due date
    • 6 months -30 days before the due date
    • 12+ months – 60 days before the due date

    You can also generate an invoice yourself in Unihost Client Area, under the Product Management tab. There you can also change your billing cycle, provided that there are no unpaid invoices for this service. If there are any, you need to pay them first (or ask our support to cancel them) and then generate a new invoice with an updated billing cycle.

  • What are my obligations when I buy?

    Follow the Unihost Service Rules. We do not conclude a contract for the obligatory use of the service for a certain time and you can terminate the public offer of Unihost at any time.

  • What kind of support do you offer?

    Unihost tech support:

    • Makes sure that all servers operate 24/7 in a stable manner under any circumstance.
    • Under Basic server management, provides you with 1 ticket per month that can be used to set up/install/manage any software on your server.
    • Under Premium server management, provides you with 3 tickets per month.

    Check the Server management page for more details.

  • How fast does the Unihost support respond?

    We answer in chat in 30 seconds or less. The review of your issue may take up to 20 minutes, while the solution may take up to 8 hours, depending on the severity of the problem and the number of issues our team is solving at the moment. Issues from customers with Premium server management are given priority in such cases.

  • Do you have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes, we guarantee 99.9% uptime. For more details, look at the Service Level Agreement.

  • Do you offer server monitoring?

    We do not offer server monitoring under the basic server management, but it is available as a separate level of server management.

  • Do you set up the server OS?

    Under Basic server management, we only set up some modules in the Linux OS. If you run Windows, you’ll have to set it up on your own. For more information, check out the Server management page.

  • How private is my information?

    We do not review any information on the customers’ servers unless it is necessary to solve a support ticket. For more information, check out the Unihost privacy policy.

  • Can I transfer my data to a different company?

    Yes, of course. We do not limit any data transfer and offer you a root-level access to the server.

  • Can I run torrent or OpenVPN?

    We allow usage of OpenVPN and torrent on the Unihost servers. If you still have doubts, please contact us in chat.
    We do not allow:
    phishing websites;
    Warez, backdoor, crack and other websites that break the Unihost Terms of Service.

  • Can I use your servers to store and distribute adult content?

    Yes, as long as you do not distribute or advertise adult on the child-, zoo- and rape subjects, as well as content that you do not have rights for. If your server is located in Germany, you will also have to block access to the server for all German IPs, preferably — using iptables.

  • What if my server is constantly attacked via DDoS?

    We use professional DDoS protection, so we do not worry much about DDoS. If your business is constantly attacked by the competition, we can provide you with additional protection.

  • How do you respond to abuses?

    We give you 12 hours to solve the issue that leads to the abuse. If you get more than 3 abuses of the same kind, or if you refuse to solve the issue, your account and all services will be blocked.

  • What will happen if I do a chargeback or start a PayPal dispute?

    According to the Unihost public offer, your account will be blocked, and all of its data will be deleted. The customer that made the chargeback will be added to the international FraudRecord list.