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  • KVM VPS hosting Great solution for serious highload projects

    Feel the new level of your websites power just now!

Three reasons for choosing KVM VPS:

  • You need stable platform
    for serious project
  • You expect a lot of
    active clients
  • There may be server load peaks
  • KVM-384

    $9.00 for 1 Month

    Host Your Site
    • 1 Core (3,4 GHz)
    • 384 MB 768 MB RAM
    • 20 GB 30 GB RAID 1
  • KVM-768

    $15.00 for 1 Month

    Host Your Site
    • 2 Cores (6,8 GHz)
    • 764 MB 1280 MB RAM
    • 30 GB 50 GB RAID 1
  • KVM-2048

    $49.00 for 1 Month

    Host Your Site
    • 4 Cores (13,6 GHz)
    • 2048 MB 2560 MB RAM
    • 200 GB RAID 1
Loyalty Program: discounts
and reduced pricing for control panels!

We value long-term cooperation with our customers and that's why have prepared a special offer for those who want to invest in development of their sites and projects. With purchasing any KVM virtual server for a period of 3 months or more, you pay less each month. Your savings calculated*:

  • 3 months2.5%;
  • 6 months5%;
  • 1 year10%.

* - VPS pricing with discount is being displayed upon choosing correct period and applies automatically upon ordering.

Лицензия ISPmanager от

Besides, with any KVM VPS order you get popular and easy-to-use ISPmanager 5 control panel with special reduced pricing!

Standard ISPmanager 5 Lite pricing: $4.95/мес.

ISPmanager 5 Lite pricing with any server order: $3.00/мес.

You can add the license with discounted price upon ordering and confirming your order on the "Cart" step.

Benefits of having your website at Unihost:
  • Unlimited 500 Mbps bandwidth
  • Dedicated IPv4 + 10 IPv6
  • Professional DDoS protection free of charge
  • Ready-to-go OS and software images
  • Root access
  • Daily Backup
  • Free access to DNS servers
  • 24/7 support
  • Free administration
  • Free website transfer
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • Moneyback guarantee

KVM virtualization type is a software solution that provides virtualization on Linux. Your virtual server receives full dedicated resources: core processor, RAM, hard disk, network interface.

KVM virtual servers are very powerful and are quite similar to dedicated server. VPS with this type of virtualization can sustain big peak loads and huge amount of visitors.

With our VPS you also get:
  • Traffic up to 500 Mbit/s with no data limits

    Peak network capacity: 1Gbps

    Each physical server is connected to the channel with 500 Mbps guaranteed bandwidth and the highest possible network capacity of 1 Gbps.
  • Dedicated IPv4 + 10 IPv6

    Dedicated IP addresses

    With any OpenVZ and KVM virtual server you are getting 1 dedicated IP address v4 and also 10 IPv6 for free. You can order extra IPv6 for free if needed.

    The additional IPv4 costs $3.00/mo. Please, contact our technical supports to know how many IPv4 addresses we can provide you at the moment.
  • Full control over your server

    Remote control your VPS

    We provide a full root access to your new VPS, as well as an access to SolusVM control panel.

    Control panel provides some basic instruments for running a server, including an ability to stop it, reboot it or even reinstall everything from scratch.

    If you order KVM VPS, you also get access to VNC Remote Control. It allows you to access your server even if it's configured incorrectly or you have no SSH access. Essentially, it is a remote desktop with a graphical interface and control over input devices.
  • Free access to Name-servers

    Manage DNS records in your personal account settings at

    With any virtual server you are getting a free access to DNS servers that belong to Unihost. To add your domain to the DNS, you should change the addresses in you control panel on and Then add your domain in the corresponding section of your personal account settings on This will get you to a convinient and intuitive tool that allows you to administer all of your DNS records.
  • Robust 24/7 Support

    Our technical support is ready to help you 24 hours per day, 7 days a week!

    TTo contact technical support, you can use online chat (you'll have to sign in first) or create a ticket. If, for whatever reason, you can't sign in on to send a request, you can send it via your e-mail (the one you used during the registration) to Our engineers will answer all your questions within 1-2 hours.
  • Help with website transfer

    Free administration for each and every server! Only at Unihost, you get:

    • Help with OS: installation, setup, updates, management of the core modules
    • VPS transfer from any other hosting, basic optimization services,
    • Installation of Windows and Linux services
    • Antivirus check, bruteforce protection setup
    • Control panel installation, management of its extensions and modules
    • Free password reset on Linux systems
    • Consultation and help with diagnosing and solving the problems.
Due to increased amount of illegal use of the services, the access to new VPS is temporarily provided after full order verification.

VPS extensions and extras:

Control Panel licenses

VPS specs upgrade

* - these options can only be added on demand. We do not guarantee we can provide these because of limited server resources.

KVM VPS is not enough for your project?
Try Dedicated Server!
  • Professional DDoS protection free of charge
  • Unlimited 500Mbps bandwidth
  • Round the clock support and administration
  • Huge variety of configurations