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  • Dedicated Servers in France - latest technologies in action!
    • Unlimited bandwidth up to 3 Gbps
    • ISPmanager 5 Lite Control panel for free
    • Up to 256 IPv4 for each server, IPv6 support
    • 500 GB of backup storage for free

Dedicated Servers in France

Unihost's Dedicated Servers in France are located in the world's most famous datacenters. They are top-notch equipment, well-known for their steadiness to DDoS attacks, high bandwidth, unlimited traffic and multitude of available IP addresses. All of this makes them perfect for such projects as internal/external corporation networks, e-mails, CRM/ERP systems, instruments for joint remote work, VPN, media resources, backup storages and much more.
Maximum specs for theses servers are 512 GB RAM and 24 CPU cores, which will be enough even for the most taxing projects. Each server comes with free basic administration plan, which puts all off the everyday maintenance routine on our administrators.
Rent a Dedicated Server in France - get best equipment at the best price!

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Servers installation and activation in France usually takes no more than 12 hours.
In some cases, activation of specific configurations can take up to 5 days.
Please get the details about servers availability and setup time from our staff via chat or phone.
  • Unlimited bandwidth up to 3 Gbps

    Perfect choice for projects with medium and big amounts of traffic

    Each dedicated server in France has 1Gbps uplink with 500 Mbps guaranteed outgoing bandwidth. The amount of traffic is unlimited.

    You can upgrade the bandwidth up to 3Gbps (both incoming and outgoing) for some servers. Please see detailed information and pricing in a table below.
  • Up to 256 IP for each server

    Your personal Internet space

    Each dedicated server in France can be upgraded with up to 256 IP addresses or 64 slots (one slot may contain 1 IP address or 1 subnet). This may become handy if you want to assign each website with dedicated IP or use your server for virtual machines (VPS) purposes. Please see detailed options and pricing in a table below.
    You may order additional IPs or subnets upon server ordering or after its setup by contacting our support team. Please describe the usage of IP addresses (why do you need it, how are you going to use it) as all IPs are being issued per RIPE policy.

  • 500 GB backup storage for free

    Up to 10TB for your backups on external storage.

    Each dedicated server comes with 500 GB backup storage absolutely for free. These storages are solely managed by datacenter in order to provide you with the maximum quality infrastructure without any administration needs.

    How it works

    In order to make a backup, log in to your FTP backup account and save files there. As per security policy you can access the backup storage only from your server.

    Increase storage space

    In order to satisfy backup size requirements, we offer the increased backup storages up to 10 TB with additional costs. Please see table below to see pricing and available options.
    Please note that you need to transfer data on your own in case of ordering additional backup space..

    Data transfer protocols

    Each backup storage can be accessed using following protocols:
    • FTP
    • FTPS
    • NFS
    • CIFS
    We strongly recommend using NFS or CIFS protocols. The above mentioned protocols allows you to set space for backup copies, locally, on your server. The obvious advantage is the ability to manage files as if they were on your local drive, but still to use your usual tools for easy management of your backups.
  • Minimizing DDoS-attacks aftermaths

    Each server in France gains "Reactive Mitigation" feature as a big benefit, which helps you minimize DDoS attacks aftermath.

    More about DDoS protection

    Description and guaranteed SLA

    Is available for All dedicated servers in France and Canada
    Number of attacks per month Unlimited
    Capacity of attack, Mbps Unlimited
    Duration of attack per month Unlimited
    Type of attack Any
    Detection and Auto-Mitigation Yes
    Multi-Point Mitigation 3 points: Central Europe, Western Europe, North America
    Permanent mitigation On demand
    3Tbps surplus network Yes
    Firewall Network On demand
    Tilera Yes
    Arbor Yes
    Technical Support Email based
  • Full server control

    Remote Server Management using KVM/IPMI, server reboot from Client Area

    Each server in France comes with VNC console access for remote server management. You can gain VNC access from your Client Area after server activation from the following section: "Products/Services -> Servers -> Server Management -> IPMI". Using this console you can set up BIOS, install different OS from your own ISOs, access your server even if you messed up with incorrect software firewall settings.
    You can also find the remote server reboot button in your Client Area.

    ISPmanager 5 Lite Control panel free of charge

    We give away one of the best web-hosting management control panels with absolutely every Dedicated server from Unihost. While in a Cart, make sure to choose ISPmanager Control panel in Free control Panel Licenses block.
  • Help with settings and migration

    Basic administration plan comes free with each server and includes:

    • help with OS: installing, tuning, updating, installing core modules
    • transferring your project from another server and basic tuning
    • installing Windows and Linux services
    • antivirus check, bruteforce protection software installation
    • setting up control panel, additional extensions and modules
    • free password reset upon its loss (only for Linux systems)
    • consultation and help with diagnosis and solving the problems.
    In order to contact our technical support, you may use live chat feature (please sign in with your Unihost account first) or ticket system. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to log into your Unihost to leave a reply, you may send it straight from your email, under which you've signed up at Our email address for technical inquiries is Our team will get in touch ASAP (usually within 1 hour).

Even more benefits for our long-term partners!

We value our customers and we are pleased when you show loyalty and choose our services for long-term partnership. We are glad to offer you reduced prices for the dedicated servers order:

  • 2.5% OFF upon ordering a server for 6 months
  • 5% OFF upon ordering a server for 12 months